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Regional Study Groups

NAKS is proud to sponsor the activities of small scholarly groups all around the country. Groups generally meet once a year and have their own procedures for submission and acceptance of papers. If you are interested in participating in one of these events, please check the respective websites for more information.

Note about funding:

Current academic conditions make hosting conferences financially burdensome at all but the wealthiest institutions. NAKS itself is able to provide only minimal support for study group and Biennial meetings. Many graduate students and underemployed faculty also face serious financial obstacles to attending conferences. In an attempt to address these problems, keynotes at NAKS Biennial conferences, and, subject to funding availability at host institutions, invited speakers at study group meetings will be kindly asked if they are able to fund a part or a whole of their travel expenses from research accounts. It is our intent that funds made thereby available will be used to support graduate student and underemployed faculty travel. Invitations to speak at NAKS events will continue to be independent of such funding matters, however.

Pacific Study Group

The Pacific Study Group (PSG) is an informal group that meets once a year (historically, in the fall) to facilitate interaction among Kant scholars by means of 5 or 6 45-minute presentations followed by informal discussion. Please visit the Group's page for more specific instructions about paper-submissions.

Midwest Study Group

The Midwest Study Group of the North American Kant Society was founded in 1995 by Manfred Kuehn, then at Purdue University, in order to advance the discussion of Kant and to promote interaction among Kant scholars. Weekend meetings, held annually in late Fall, feature several refereed papers and plenty of time for discussion and interaction. Recent meetings have also featured invited speakers.

Eastern Study Group

The Eastern Study Group of the North American Kant Society was started in 2004 by Sharon Anderson-Gold, and directed by Pablo Muchnik from 2009 to 2014. Our purpose is to promote the discussion of Kantian scholarship among faculty and students on the East Coast. We hold meetings annually, usually in the Spring, in which a handful of papers selected by a program committee are discussed in a friendly but rigorous atmosphere. We welcome thematic and historical contributions that show the relevance of Kantian thought in its manifold aspects.

Southern Study Group

The Southern Study Group was founded in 2008 by Kristi Sweet and Oliver Sensen, in order to bring together Kant scholars in the southern part of the US. There is an annual study group meeting each spring, featuring refereed papers.


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